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Wet Station

Initial Cleaner

TSC1000 : Thin Short Cleaner

As a glass cleaning equipment for LCD, PDP, FED, OLED. Thins Short Cleaner is promotedefficiency to remove pollutants retuning organic, inorganic and metallic particles to the pure shower, brush and dual fluid cleaning unit.

Features – Customer Operation & Cost Reduction

Ensure enough washing time by speed control according to each zone. (Enforcement washing Ability)
Convenient operation and excellent interface performance
Compacting pipe line
System optimization by 3D design (Realization of thin and short)
In-line correspondence to before and after process
Reduction utility consumption amount by in house nozzle design technology
Reinforcement Spray hitting power(Dual Fluid)
Removal parts abrasion by using magnetic drum type coupling of motor power part
Improvement drying performance of new concept air knife
Convenient equipment repair and maintenance
Secure maintenance space by optimum design
Convenient operation and excellent interface performance

Basic Composition of Process

Customer Specification

Organic Cleaning

R/B + Spray

R/B + High Pressure Dual Fluid


Customer Specification

Specification- Detail specification go into conference with customer and it can be changed and modified by the conference.

PROGRAM PROGRAM PLC Control WORK Gen 1~ Gen 8 Glass(TFT, C/F)
RETURN SPEED Variable Return Speed according to the Section TACT TIME Negotiable
2-System Engineering