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Dry Cleaner

AP Plasma Cleaner
UV Cleaner

AP Plasma Cleaner


As a equipment to surface cleaning procedure of sheet glass for FPD that are LCD, PDP, OLED, etc, AP has high cleaning ability, high efficiency and reducing effect of operating cost available surface cleaning procedure without damage of sheet glass originally cutting off the streamer and arc occurrence which is the problem of atmospheric pressure plasma, high density and high uniformity. Also, AP is no need a large space due to manufactured by slim type, and it is applicable to wide procedure from 1st generation to 8th generation without length limitation.

Features – Customer Operation & Cost Reduction

EUV or Ozone Cleaner Replacement
Practical Customizing
Low Equipment Cost/Reduction Operating Cost
Easy Extension/Feasible Electrode Arrangement
Environmentally Friendly Dry Process
Excellent Cleaning Effect (Reduce Progress Time)

Comparison AP Plasma & UV/EUV

UV/EUV AP Plasma
Cleaning efficiency Medium Excellent
Safety (Pattem Damage) Good Good
Efficiency of Space(Expansion) Medium Good
Environment Friendly Medium Good
Initial Cost High Reasonable
Maintenance Bad(Lamp Change) Excellent
Running Cost High Low

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

Plasma Density : 109 ~ 1012 𝑐𝑚−3 (Electrons, lons)
Power Generator : MF, RF (Based on DBD), Microwave
Reaction Mechanism : Chemical Reaction
Radical Density : 10−13 ~ 1015 𝑐𝑚3 (Z. Falkenstein, Los Alamos) (Gas Density : ~2.7 x −1019 𝑐𝑚-3 at 760 Torr)
Operating Pressure : ~760 Torr
Process Temperature : Appx. 30°C ~ Hundreds°C
2-System Engineering